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Endless golden beaches and crisp sunshine are just a couple of factors that add to Australia’s global appeal. From the hustle and bustle of coastal cities to the rugged and wild outback, Australia is year on year appreciated for offering one of the highest level for quality of life.

Every culture is different and understanding the values of your new home is a hugely important way of integrating yourself and learning more about your new colleagues and friends:
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Working in a big city or a small town? Most of the regions have a rich history and their own unique identity. Get to know where you will be moving to a little better:
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Australians are sporting mad from every kind of watersport you can think of to some good old Rugby and Cricket, as well as their very own Aussie Rules! Find out more about Australia’s sporting activities here:
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Useful information

The currency is AUD – add currency converter
Want to rent a house or flat? have comprehensive listings – add link
Water Supplier- add link
Electricity suppliers in Aus – add links
Internet suppliers in Aus- add links
iiNet – there are several providers in Australia, not as many as the UK and US, but with just as competitive deals and offers. – Add link
There are several banks to choose from in Aus, take a look – add links
Insurance is important – here are some providers – add link
Need a car, a sofa or lamp? Gumtree is the place to look here for new and used cars, home furnishings and more. – add link
Speaking of cars, transport is good in most cities but the majority of Aussies own a car, especially when accessing the rugged outback. Here is some useful info on using your driving licence, registering a car and more – link to Australian gov.
Australian media – check out The Australian or The Guardian. News stands have a more comprehensive range of titles.
Taxes – understand the income tax (and other taxes) model in Aus – add link IRD

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